Smokey Joe's Story

About 20 years ago, when the Fire Expo coordinators were designing promotional materials for the annual Fire Station Open House and Expo, they decided that an old clip art of a crusty mustachioed firefighter would be fun to incorporate.  They named him Smokey Joe and he has been central to the Expo theme every year since.  Each year, Smokey Joe changes, but just slightly, to reflect the theme and it's been a fun challenge to re-work him each time.  In the early years, he was joined by Water Drop Dude, who has since retired.  We hope you enjoy seeing Smokey Joe as he has appeared over the years in the gallery that follows.  Come back to see if we add more as we comb through old files!

Let us know if you like our themes and if you have any suggestions for future Expos!

Sponsored by the Rincon Fire District and Escondido Fire Department

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